A story that has
been rewritten

SpaceTail is an amazing 2.5-D adventure platformer, where
the player immerses into a deep, emotionally moving plot,
explores new planets, interacts with alien civilizations
and has the opportunity to experience something unforgettable. The plot of the game is inspired by real events, when people began their conquest of space by sending animals to the unknown.

Meet a good girl
- Bea!

The story is about the adventures of a dog named Bea, who… managed to survive.
Bea is a cheerful and courageous character, but she is just a… dog. She has all the characteristics of a mongrel – she barks, likes to chase her own tail, and learns about the world through her senses. Bea can sniff, listen and observe and by doing that she will explore and understand her environment. Gameplay is based on logic-arcade puzzles, systems of detecting dangers with the help
of senses, and relations with NPCs.


The game has a sense system to detect and interpret all phenomena, objects and enemies. When a sense button is pressed, a context menu appears which allows you
to select one of three senses:


Highlights interactive and dangerous objects.


Allows you to detect the movement of enemies and mechanisms beyond the range of your other senses.

Sense of smell

Track enemies, detect dangerous gases and substances and determine the location of hidden objects.

new worlds

Bea travels through space discovering more planets. Each planet is different, each planet has its specific inhabitants, who can become friends of the main character, but can also be very unfriendly towards her. We are convinced that exploring this amazing world together with Bea will give the player a lot of satisfaction and pleasure. Explore these amazing worlds with Bea, and jump into adventures loaded with fun!

intergalactic friends

On her journey Bea will meet a variety of characters, some friendly and some dangerous. Interactions with them make the story and the whole game more attractive. When the relationship mode is activated, behavioral options appear that can be applied. You must decide on your own which action to apply. Intentions will be read from observations, sounds and the interlocutor’s relationship UI.Holding down the relationship button launches a context menu that allows you to select one of the signals/behaviors you want to send. Pressing it once, without holding it down, is barking.